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The books that we read to children are different from the books children begin to read independently. Beginner readers are carefully designed books that provide strategies for the child to help decode the font.


Good beginner readers have illustrations that give clues to the text. These books also have text that is rhythmic or has a predictable pattern, this allows the child to anticipate what words will be coming next.


Beginner readers also need to have text that contains familiar words. The first stories your child reads by themselves needs to have approximately 90% of words that are known to the child, this allows the child to experience success.

Children that commence reading with a feeling of success, enjoy reading and want to continue reading. There more children read the better readers they become. So the key is develop a desire to read.

Buy books for beginner readers

I have carefully selected a collection of beginner books. Each book chosen for it's simple text and expressive illustrations. They are interesting stories, rather than just good beginning readers. All are written by well respected authors and illustrators. These books are fun to read and make ideal beginner books.

They are some of our all time favourites. I hope you have as much joy and success with these beginner books as we did! 



Go dog go - Ideal books for beginning readers
Go dog go

P.D. Eastman

'Go dog go' is a classic book for the beginner reader. It has been a family favourite of ours for many, many years. It's a wonderfully funny story with repeated phrases that include many commonly used sight words. The illustrations are delightful, lots of dogs and plenty of activity. Purchase this book now... Go, Dog. Go! (I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books)









Are you my mother - Beginner reader
Are you my mother?

P.D. Eastman

Another classic by P.D. Eastman. This is a delightful story young readers will love. It has simple repetitive text and heartwarming illustrations. This book is fantastic for children attempting to read independently for the first time. Purchase this book now... Are You My Mother?









The cat in the hat - Classic book for beginning readers
The cat in the hat

Author: Dr Seuss

This classic Dr Seuss book heralded a new way children learnt how to read. Written in 1957 it still holds charm for beginning readers everywhere. Filled with commonly used words that children find easy and fun to read. Purchase this book now... The Cat in the Hat











The big book berestain bears - Beginner reader
The big book of berestain bears
beginner books

Authors: Stan & Jan Berestain 

All the Berestain Bear books were favourites in our household. This is a collection of six beginner reading books including The Bike Lesson, The Bears' Picnic, The Bears' Vacation, Bears in the Night, The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, and The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone. Simple, interesting and fun to read. Purchase this book now... The Big Book of Berenstain Bears Beginner Books (Beginner Books(R)








A fish out of water - Books children will find easy to read
A Fish Out of Water

Author: Helen Palmer

Another classic beginner book that has been around for a long time. Children love stories that are funny and this is a simple story, incorporating humour into carefully selected text. It also has wonderfully bright illustrations by P.D. Eastman. Purchase this book now... Fish Out of Water (Beginner Books)









I flap my wings - Beginner reader
Flap your wings

Author: P.D. Eastman

You can tell I love P.D. Eastman books. They really stand above many other beginner reading books for their carefully considered story lines, simplistic text and their large clear animated illustrations that are always fun and full of expression. Purchase this book now... Flap Your Wings (Beginner Books(R))









The jacket I wear in the snow - Beginner reader
The Jacket I Wear in the Snow

Shirley Neitzel

This is another classic story for children beginning to read. Lots of rhyming text and simple illustrations. Again, utilising commonly used words that beginning readers will successfully be able to read independently. Purchase this book now... The Jacket I Wear in the Snow









Who is the beast - Interesting book for beginning readersWho Is the Beast?

Author:  Keith Baker

This book by Keith Baker has stunning full-colour illustrations and simple, rhyming text. It also has an appealing story line with an important message. Children and adults will enjoy reading this story. Purchase this book now... Who Is the Beast?








The napping hours - for beginner readers
The Napping House

Audrey and Don Wood

I really love Don Woods illustrations, they are wonderfully expressive and really add meaning to the text. This book is great for beginning readers as it is rhyming and cumulative. The story is carefully woven to lead to an interesting climax. Purchase this book now... The Napping House









The last puppet - ideal children reading bookThe Last Puppy

Author Frank Asch

A simple story children will enjoy reading. It has simplistic illustrations and a repetitive text. Children just commencing reading books independently will find this one simple and enjoyable. Purchase this book now... The Last Puppy








Where's my teddy - Books for beginner readers
Where's My Teddy?

Author: Jez Alborough


Jez Alborough is well known for his clever and fun stories and distinct artwork. This book has easy to read text and a delightful story line. It's a classy beginner book. Purchase this book now... Where's My Teddy?









Luka's quilt - American book for beginning readerLuka's Quilt

Author: Georgia Guback

This story is a little longer and more complex, it is a Hawaiian story about a girl named Luka and her relationship with her grandmother. Purchase this book now... Luka's Quilt









Hattie and the fox - Australian book for beginning readersHattie and the Fox

Author: Mem Fox

Another terrific book by Mem Fox, written with the beginning readers in mind. This one has simple repetitive text and large clear illustrations. Purchase this book now... Hattie And The Fox









Who sank the boat - English book for beginner readersWho sank the boat

Author: Pamela Allen

A classic story with repetitive text and a twist at the end that young readers will particularly enjoy. Purchase this book now... Who Sank the Boat? (Picture Puffins)








Rosie's walk - Fun book for beginner readersRosie’s walk

Author: Pat Hutchins

Children will really enjoy the illustrations in this classic story by Pat Hutchins. The text is simplistic however the illustrations tell the story. This book will be easy for beginning readers to read and will also entertain. Purchase this book now... Rosie's Walk








All by myself - Simple book for children beginning to readAll by myself

Author: Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer is a clever writer for beginner readers. The text is very basic text with descriptive illustrations, this story has a familiar story line all children will be able to relate to. Purchase this book now... All by Myself (Little Critter) (Look-Look)








More, more, more said the baby - Book for children beginning to read
More, more, more said the baby

Author: Vera B. Williams

Vera B. Williams is an extremely well respected author of children's story books. She hand paints the illustrations for her stories. This one is beautifully illustrated and the text is written with passion and warmth. Purchase this book now... "More More More," Said the Baby (A Caldecott Honor book)









Joshua James likes trucks - Beginner booksJoshua James Likes Trucks

Author: Catherine Petrie

This story has extremely simple text with large clear illustrations, making it ideal for one of your first beginner books. Purchase this book now... Joshua James Likes Trucks (Rookie Ready to Learn: Out and About: In My Community)









Its not easy being a bunny - Quality story books for children
It’s not easy being a bunny

Author: Marilyn Sadler

This is a fun and engaging story that uses repetition and its lively illustrations really add value. The limited text makes this story a good one for beginning readers. Purchase this book now... It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))











The little engine that coulc - Classic story for children
The little engine that could

Author: Watty Piper

I included this story because of it's continual ability to continually entertain generations of beginning readers. The original story was written in 1906, this updated version maintains all the original charm, and promotes the power of positive thinking. Purchase this book now... The Little Engine That Could




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