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Teach reading at home
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Teach reading at home

Products designed for children learning to read

Here are a range of reading aids to help you to successfully teach reading skills to your child at home.


Book of Rhymes38 Original ‘Family Word’ Rhymes - Rhyme's for children - Buy it now$7.90  

This rhyme book will assist your child to learn to read. The rhymes in this book introduce the  most commonly used ‘word families’ or phonograms. Phonograms are a more reliable way to introduce letter sounds. Teaching your child ‘word families’ will build reading skills by assist them to decode, building fluency and aiding their understanding of the text .....more information



Phonogram wheelFamily word wheel - Buy it nowFamily Word Wheel - $4.90

The ‘family word wheel’ includes 38 ‘rhyme' endings and 52 ‘onsets’, and is ideal for teaching letter sound association for commonly used phonograms. The 'family word wheel' helps children to construct and deconstruct words, ideal for learning to read. The wheel has concentric circles that when rotated form over 560 words .....more information 



Sight words cardsSight Word Cards - $3.50

Sight Word Cards - Buy it nowCommonly used words or 'sight words' are high frequency words children learn by sight. Learning sight words helps children build fluency and accuracy when they are learning to read .....more information



Sight word phrases'Over 300 Sight Word Phrases' - $3.50

Sight Word Phrases - Buy it nowThis book contains sentences for you to use as a base to develop simple beginner readers for your child. When children are learning to read, books should contain approximately 95% of words they are familiar with. These sentences are constructed using only words from the top 100 most commonly used words. These phrases will make it easy for you to teach reading at home .....more information



Word blending cardsWord Blending Cards - $3.50

Word Blending Cards - Buy it nowTo teach reading at home, teach your child to blend or 'sound out' words. Sounding out words or blending sounds together to form words are vital skills for children learning to read. This book contains 'commonly used words' and strategies designed to teach phonics, or sounding out words. Use these specially designed printable word cards to teach your child how to combine individual sounds into words ..... more information



Alphabet flash cardsAlphabet Picture Cards - $3.90

Alphabet picture cards - Buy it nowAlphabet cards or 'flash cards' are great for children learning to read. The cards help children learn letter sound association. The alphabet cards in this booklet have upper case, lower case and written alphabet letters at the top, helping children to learn the letter in a variety of formats. Teach reading skills by helping your child to learn individual letter sounds .....more information


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Books for babies

A selection of books ideal to share with babies .....more information

Books for beginner readers

A selection of books ideal for the child who is beginning to read .....more information  

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