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There are various types of play children participate in play. Children progress through a series of different types of play. Although older children participate in all types of play at different times, infants will generally progress through the following types of play as they mature. All types of play promote learning and are valuable experiences for children.

Boy drawing - Types of play

Different stages of play:

Lone play 
The child is completely focused on their own play activity, either unaware or uninterested in what others may be doing around them (most common in babies 6 months to 18 months).

Observer play
In this type of play, children watch other children but don't engage in what they are doing or interact in any way (most common in young children 9 months to 18 months).

Parallel play
Children gravitate to others playing but don't participate in the play. They may copy or mimic the play activity but essentially they are playing alone (most common in children 12 months to 2 years).

Interactive play
In this play children engage in play with others; however the play is neither structured nor organised in any way (most common in children 18 months to 3 years).

Organised play
Children interact and are engaged in an organised play scenario. They may take on a character role that has a particular behaviour with a specific task to do (most common in children 4 years to 8 years).

Games with rules
In games with rules, children participate in organised teams or games where players know the rules. It could be a sports game such as soccer or a board game such as snakes and ladders (most common for children 5 to 12 years).

All types of play are valid and promote brain development; however more learning tends to occur when young children partake in ‘organised’ play and when older children participate in ‘games with rules’.

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